Sunday, July 28, 2013

The one title you NEED to read from the beginning!


Creator and Writer : Robert Kirkman
Artist: Ryan Ottley

I'm not even going to try to break down the current comics and try to snag a reader in the middle of this incredible comic. It wouldn't begin to do the comic justice.

Kirkman is either a genius, or he's sold his soul to the devil for the ability to turn old hat into the next big thing. And with Ottley backing him up, the artwork is always going to be impressive and stunning.

Imagine Superman as a kid, except Jor-El came with him and started his own life on Earth as a super hero. Superman grows up as a kid knowing about super powers and finally when he gets use of his powers he finds out his father has killed the Justice League and is preparing the planet for domination by Kryptonians as a breeding grounds.

That's where this all starts!!! He doesn't take but an issue or two to show you the name of the game and then he delves right into the hard choices and bloody battles. Mark Grayson, Invincible, never gets a moments rest from the very second he gets his powers up until the must recent issue. If it's not dealing with the next universe ending incident, it's trying to manage his schoolwork or his social life.

If you are a fan of Smallville the television show, you cannot lose by reading this series! If you weren't a fan, you STILL won't lose because only a portion of the framework is there (boy grows up into a man with super powers). Invincible will NOT dissapoint.

Now, a warning for some of you. This is a... it's a downright bloody book. No punches are pulled. You will see organs and blood and graphic violence. It's not every single page, but Ottley and Kirkman want to get the point across about what is at stake in some of the fights. They also tackle some of the issues we all deal with in life. This comic really does have it all.

Trust me. You will come to love Invincible and his entire universe! (Especially Robot)