Sunday, July 28, 2013

Justice League #22 (Trinity War #1) *Spoilers at the bottom*

Comic: Justice League #22 (Trinity War #1)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Cover/Penciller: Ivan Reis
Colorist/Cover: Rod Reis
Inker: Oclair Albert

I'll be honest. When I heard where DC was going with the Trinity War I cringed inside. I'm a huge fan of mythology and to watch what I was sure was about to be the butchering of one of the things I loved BY another of the things I loved was going to bother me immensely (I can nerd rage with the best of them).

Having made my way through the first issue, I have to say I am intrigued. They've set the basic stage for Pandora and her myth in a prelude, so they jump right into the thick of it with this issue. It starts out completely disjointed and disconnected, but the story is brought together and a bit of light is shown on what exactly how the "Trinity War" is going to be started.

I mean, they've never really needed a good reason to make a bunch of super heroes fight eachother. (Please see AvX and the waste of time that was for an example) However, tension has been built well before this issue, and they've made a point of being blatant about the Justice League of America being designed specifically for the task of defeated the Justice League. So, we knew it was coming... but how do you spark off a fight between two teams that want the same thing ultimately? This issue will definitely give you a hint.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to reading more into the Trinity Wars. If anything watching the good guys fight each other while making witty banter (Thanks Geoff Johns) is always a bit of a treat if not overdone!

As for the art, The Reis brothers are amazing together. Ivan conveys emotion and action into his art that provides solid feelings of tension as well as emotion without ever needing a word said while Rod makes each page pop out at you without being a blob of color or losing a character in the background. Mr. Albert's work with shadows is also a huge boon to both the artist and inker by providing the stark contrast from the colorful costumes of our favorites like Wonder Woman and Superman.

******************************SPOILERS BELOW***********************************

Alright, nuts and bolts. In this issue we find out that a group called the Secret Society is orchestrating the war between the super heroes. We also get to watch Madame Xanadu die (for how long, who knows) because of it. The tension builds throughout the comic until Shazam, trying to be the good guy he is decides to head to the political hotspot of Kahndaq to scatter the ashes of Adam across the land as a means of laying him to rest.

Well, the poor kid apparently can't do anything right because Superman and the JL decide they are going to have to go there and attack him while he's being attacked by Khandaq forces, which does give us a heart warming image of Shazam popping the big blue boyscout on the jaw. (Really, this is great image #1 of this issue).

Shortly after the JLA shows up, obviously intent upon stopping the Justice League and trying to paint them as bad guys so as to sway public opinion away from them. They've brought a new weapon (Doctor Light) who actually seems like a really nice guy along because he can neutralize Firestorm.... what they didn't realize was that he would also be able to neutralize Superman to....

Ok. Hold on. Dr. light is touted as being an INCREDIBLY intelligent scientist, so much so that he knows Firestorms powers better than Firestorm. So how is it a piece of widely known fact, that Superman is charged on solar power (It's brought up multiple times in earlier issues of the New 52), manages to escape the notice of the super scientist who's power is to absorb solar energy? .... I can suspend my belief. I do it constantly to read comics, but man I need at least a little bit of consistency ok? At least we won't have that kinda issue arise with Doctor Light again for a little bit.

Because after Doctor Light accidentally "pops" because he absorbed too much of Superman's power.... Superman introduces Light to his laser vision at point blank range and we are left with the incredibly headless Dr. Light.

We also get a glimpse of the fact that The Outsider is behind some of the machinations (at least) of the Secret Society. That would account for two of the trinity of sin, though the Question of who the third is hardly remains seeing as the comic book industry just can't seem to keep a secret for crap!!!