Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hey there True Believers. No...

Howdy Sports Fans! Nyet.

Ladies and Gentleman, We... Are... Live! Newp.

Apparently every last bit of originality has been squeezed from my body in the process of simply creating this G+ account and it's subsequent blog, so all of you will just have to continue reading without a clever and witty catchphrase to keep you coming back to the blog.

So, I'm Colt. I've been reading comics and flexing my nerd since I can remember. I've got boxes of Magic Cards, Comic Books, Comic Cards, Toys and just about every else geeky from the 90's that you can imagine locked away in my own home as well as my parents. I don't mention this to brag, but to lend myself an iota of street cred in the hopes that you may eventually lend my words a certain amount of respect.

Really, I just want people to pick up a comic book. If something I say can accomplish that fact, this whole endeavor is a win in my book!

That's my gig here. I'm going to review comic books. I'll have some friends post reviews every now and again as well, but primarily it will be little ole' me pumping out a few paragraphs telling you why you should pick up a specific title, or why you should make a small altar to Cthulu and burn a given title in sacrifice hoping that the author will be devoured by that which shall not be named... Either way.

Beyond that I will be running my mouth about industry news and how I generally feel about said news, or simply posting a ton of interesting (by my standards) information that has to do with Comic Books, Conventions, Authors, Artists, and other Geeky and Nerdy randomness!

Well... thanks for getting this far. Stick with me and I'm sure we can find you a new title to pick up, if not some artist and writer names to keep an eye out for!