Sunday, July 28, 2013

Justice League of America #6 (Trinity War #2)

Comic: Justice League of America  #6 (Trinity War #2)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Inker/Penciller: Doug Mahnke

So, this is obviously a bit of a suspense builder book. It has a few decent action scenes as it gives a tiny glimpse of how the JL is supposed to be effective versus the JLA, but honestly it seems like it only serves to introduce the Question into the whole mix and to have people standing around gawking and commenting about "Superman could never do this!!"

The writing doesn't have a chance to shine as it's mostly just a few screamed words and then phrase after slightly changed phrase of "But he doesn't kill". Once the ball gets rolling I feel we will see a lot more meaningful and memorable dialogue as well as story, but this issue simply didn't have it beyond a few scenes with Wonder Woman as she roped in Justice League Dark (Which I'm all in support of, because I'm a huge Constantine fan and you can never have enough screwing people over for the greater good in your comics).

I really wish they had opened up on each other more. I really do enjoy watching fights that don't normally occur, and seeing Martian Manhunter having his way with Superman makes me feel happy that at least somebody out there realizes that MM has ALL of the same powers as Superman AND more, so he should easily be the match of Superman in any given confrontation. Obviously there are variables that can come into play, but too often people simply say Superman is better than everyone.... just not the case.

Well, hopefully I'll have more to talk about as the Trinity Wars progress. I'm sure this is just a building block to something better, so we should all be in store for some good reading!