Monday, April 27, 2015

The Dark Knight/Colt Returns!

Annnd we're back after a very long hiatus. We're going to give a bi weekly posting schedule of Monday's and Thursdays a shot. I'm still trying to get my blogger legs under me and get used to talking about things without a discernible audience as opposed to arguing about things with random pictures on face book!

There is a lot going on this summer that I have the pleasure of providing my own personal perspective on. I will actually limit the amount of posts I create that involve the movie scene however, because there is simply too much out there already.

So my first post is going to be simple and to the point.

Batman. The Dark knight Returns 3: The Master Race.

It's a thing. It's a terrifying thing.

The first volume was quite possibly a defining moment for EVERY Batman lover out there. Sure, we see Batman wreck the Justice League and Supes on a monthly basis. We KNOW that even though he is a mere mortal he can lay low the mightiest of beings... but this time. This first time it was taken to the brink. It sent chills up my spine watching an aged Batman dismantle the Son of Krypton piece by piece, and even then, only as a diversion.

This volume has stood at the top of my Batman favorite list for a looooong time.

And then the second volume came out. I... I don't really have words for the train wreck that was this volume. Carry Kelly was ruined for me. It was a mess. There might have been tears at this travesty.

And now Frank Miller is on board for Volume 3. By the cover, Superman is obviously involved. But, who else will there be? What will it be about? Supposition leads me to believe that this book will loosely follow the goings on in the new movie due out next year. Will Miller be given free reign? The title and his real world proclivities towards hate lean towards yes, but DC may have learned to keep a leash on the man who's candid quotes and other works create controversy left and right. We shall see, but I for one will be owning this book regardless of quality, but I'm so close to a Batman fan boy that it is only to be expected.