Monday, July 29, 2013

A Good Time to Get Into Comics

Starting in November, DC Comics is going to begin reprinting Titles. All of them will be 64 Pages and will contain content from their Trade Paperback. This isn't really anything new. They've republished comics constantly throughout the years so anybody could get their hands on them. Except this time they have changed the cost.


Let me repeat myself for effect. One Buck buys you 64 pages of story and related content of some of the greatest stories ever told! Sandman, V for Vendetta, and even Batman. And that is only what they are starting out with.

No, they won't be worth a plug nickel when it comes to collecting value, but you get to read them without paying 20 dollars for a Trade Paper Back. You can shove them in your back pocket for later. You can stuff them in a back for car rides and not worry about them getting bent. This is a chance to be a kid again for all of the veteran collectors, and a chance for kids to read comic books without worrying about damaging their 4-5 dollar investment!

Maybe I'm just a little too excited about this, but I feel like DC is doing something right for a change that will benefit the readers instead of bleeding us dry and scaring away potential Bat-Friends.