Monday, July 29, 2013

A Gay or Bisexual Peter Parker? Horrible Idea.

Ok. So this all starts with Andrew Garfield apparently asking his director why Spider-Man can't be gay or bisexual. After this question, apparently a fan posed this very question to Stan Lee and he seemed pretty shocked at the possibility of the movie having that possibility...

You know what... I don't blame him. It's stupid, and I don't feel that way because it has something to do with homosexuality. Be who you want to be. To do anything less is foolish!

I have a serious problem with most special interest groups. Chalk it up to the belief that racism, gender discrimination, and the hatred of a persons sexual orientation are all fueled by said special interest groups.

I see Al Sharpton and cringe because the man makes a living off making white people hate him and making everyone else think it's because of his race and not his mouth.

I see the Gay community blasting Chic-Fil-A and causing problems for it's employees who (99% of) have absolutely zero ability to decide that the companies money won't be spent on anti hate campaigns. I'm pretty sure that method of attack just made some people hate the gay special interest group because they made their lives hell for a few days there, not because they are gay.

I watch the feminist movement day in and day out talk about white male privilege and tell MEN, not individuals but a blanketing men, that they will never know the hardships of a female yet last I checked there are men out there getting crapped on by America as well, and I bet they aren't going to feel much sympathy for the cause of feminism as they are being told they don't have it as bad as women.

And you know. All three of these issues... are HUGE issues. Racism, Gay Rights, Women's Rights. They ALL need to be addressed. But not by a special interest group. Those war mongers profit on these issues. Why would they want them to go away?

All of this ranting side, this is the reason I don't want Spider-Man to be gay or bisexual. He never has been. To do so would come across as (and probably be) an attempt to enlist Spider-Man in a crusade for gay rights in a way that will cause that much more division.

People are going to be upset with the Gay community for changing cannon and ruining Spider-Man (straight or not). Gay people are going to be upset by those people protesting the fact, and suddenly you've made enemies of people by using Spider-Man. Seriously... how crazy is that!?

If we change his history and then present it to the world, Spider-Man will be a point of contention around the world. He is meant to inspire us all and bring people together shouting "Go Gettem Spidey!", regardless of his sexual orientation. But you can't go writing fiction and say that Martin Luther King was white without pissing off a whole lot of people. You can't create a play that Shaun B. Anthony was a women's right activist of great renown without causing an uproar.

I don't want my childhood to be used as a weapon by hate mongers of any sexual orientation or persuasion.

If you need there to be a gay Spider Man, don't make him Peter Parker. It's simple. They didn't make Peter Parker black when they wanted a new black Spider-Man. They killed Peter off and brought in Miles Morales (By the way, read this series. It's amazingly good!). That still won't stop people from raising some ruckus, but at least people are going to feel as though a special interest group is assimilating their childhood memories for their own personal agenda.

***And if you don't believe that changing Spider-Man's past can cause an uproar, please do some Googling on "Spider-Man - A Brand New Day" and tell me you don't believe that Joe Quesada would have been lynched if the right people had seen him on the street after that? And if they are willing to flip out over THAT... imagine when it's a political issue.***