Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Villains Month" or "Watch DC Eff everyone over Month"

Honestly. The jokes on all of us. Nobody but DC will win during Villains month.

So they've replaced ALL of the main titles and are instead introducing a villain taking over said title. Very cool idea. Lets make it just a bit cooler. They are going to make all of the villain titles 3-D and look pretty deggum slick.

Now, lets allow comic book shops around the world to take pre-orders on these 3D titles and then, well after that, inform everyone that DC will be deciding how many 3D comics each store will be getting. Not the distributors... Diamond doesn't have a say in this. DC is laying down the law.

And suddenly the stores have to somehow deal with the fact that their customers may not be getting what they preordered, which inevitably will cause the stores to take blame as opposed to DC. Let's twist the knife a bit more... DC has made sure that 2D first prints will be available to all of the stores to fill the rest of their orders. So all of those people who are collecting these 3D comics can suddenly tell their store that they have no interest in the 2D comic and now the store is left holding the bag on a bunch of comics that nobody wants, because it  was NEVER what they ordered to begin with.

There are so many tiny consequences to this that can land comic book stores in trouble. I'm not even going to go into it.

I'll just wrap up in saying that apparently DC is taking on the Evil facade this month in the office to help support their comic book!