Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Comic is TEN TIMES betters than a knife to the eye!

   No, really... You may be thinking. A whole lot of things are better than a knife to the eye!? Why would I have anything to do with this if it's only ten times better?

And you would be wrong! Visiting the In Laws, going to the doctor, all of those come in around 5 times better than ANY eye gouging. More importantly, if you read this comic, you will consistently be able to mock many of it's characters as THEY suffer said eye knifing. What's better than watching someone else getting something you don't want!?

But really folks. This comic has been running for a good long while now and it's been widely enjoyed by alot of people, but it's going to break huge soon. And that's straight from my Comic Book dealers mouth and I agree with him completely. This book has just been waiting in the wings, growing it's fan base. If you don't jump on now, chances are you will have a hard time hunting down some of the more important pieces of the Goon collection such as the Fancy Pants editions, or even the miniatures.

Beyond the collectibility of this series however, lies the pure joy it can bring an individual. I won't lie. The story itself is not Shakespearean, but it has moments of hitting you in the feels while the Goon is busy kicking someone else in their feels.

This book provides that warm fuzzy feeling of watching the wierd and the grotesque not only lose, but get berated and humiliated all at the same time by a huge, cuddly yet ugly, mobster and his psychotic sidekick who play Robin Hood in a town where you would find the Oblongs living.

The violence is beautiful people! Beautiful!

The ONLY problem... you need to be able to deal with the front of this runs art. It becomes quite impressive later when they transition to watercolors, but for awhile you will have to deal with a bit less than stellar artistry, but I promise you it's worth it!

Not to mention they got backed on Kickstarter for "The Goon" movie! You don't want to go to the movie blind (due to a knife in the eye or otherwise). So you NEEED to read these comics.

Besides, Eric Powell is an amazing man and he deserves your time.

...and when you are done you come back here and tell me Buzzard isn't just the baddest mamojama in the swamp!!!

Check out the Kickstarter for some info on the film!