Sunday, August 11, 2013

Graduate - Comics From Home

First off, this is one of the first comics from the new company Overground Comics. For many years now I have seen John Hughes at his booth at Comicpalooza, and last weekend I showed up to Space City Con and low and behold he is now a part of a new company here in Houston, making the first moves to push a new comic book company towards the ranks of DC and Marvel! Which is great on so many levels. I'm tired of the underground comics scene. I want to see a new big dog rise up and show DC and Marvel that they aren't the only powerhouses in the industry.

Enough of that though. Lets talk about this book.

Written By: John Hughes
Drawn By: Celia Calle

The story is intriguing. It follows Natalie, an invulnerable teenage girl, on her way to be trained to be a hero, and ends with a rather traumatic, in transit, event that leaves her with a strengthened resolve.

I find myself wanting to read the next couple of issue. This is obviously just an opener for what is hopefully a book with more substance and content, but I can't help but find myself displeased with the lack of emotion from the main character. Sure, she shouts and screams when she needs to, but I never get a sense of dread or fear from here (which could be attributable to her invulnerability), but what about the fear for those around her, or any sort of sorrow after events unfold in the book.

I've often felt that the first issue should immediatley form a connection between the reader and the main character. I'm not sure the frst issue has accomplished this at all. She doesn't show very many human qualities/emotions beyond shock, surprise, and a panels worth of determination.

Tracking down subsequent issues of Overground comics is going to be a chore and a puzzle all on it's own, but I can honestly say I will try to keep up with it, just to see if it isn't a slow starter and will be steamrolling after a couple of issues.

The art isn't entirely to my liking. It's edgy, it's different. I can appreciate that alot of people will find it aesthetically pleasing. It feels to me as though each scene is viewed through a slightly warped lense, and the artist was intent on finishing as fast as possible. I would compare it to Ben Templsemith's work (who I am NOT a fan of, but acknowledge his greatness nonetheless).

I am sure plenty of you will enjoy the art. Don't let my own personal preferences push you away from the book.

Stick with me. If I can hunt down more issues and maybe get into contact with the owners and talk with them about their vision for the companies as well as the character, I can shed a brighter light onto this title as well as their others!

 For anyone interested, this is Stratum Comics facebook page! Go like them and keep up to date with all of their projects!