Friday, May 1, 2015

Batman #40 - Spoilers Ahead

Let me start off with the fact that I have enjoyed Snyder and Capullo from the get go with the Batman title. The tone to the art was captivating and the retelling of Bruce Wayne's struggle to become The Bat was done perfectly in Zero Year.

The Riddler was one of the best depictions I have ever had the joy of reading.

..And then I opened this comic.

It was a character study. Sure, there was some action, but in a matter of panels the entire reality of why Batman made the decisions he has come crashing down on you as a reader. He fated himself to die fighting the good fight. He knew this was how it would end and he did not turn from it or shield his eyes.

In the very end, HE was the insane one, and the Joker was the one with pure sanity and logic in those final moments, showing that they truly were opposites at their core AND their surface.

I'm reeaaaally looking forward to #41, but I'll be honest that I will be extremely sad to see it come.

If this were the last Batman comic to ever hit the shelves, Snyder would have gave him the perfect end where he puts to rest his demons and goes out on the terms he set for himself that night in the alley in the depths of his mind.

Rest well Dark Knight.