Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Houston Con Goers - Please Read!

Hey comic book folks. Gonna offer you some information on upcoming events.

There are two events coming up in August. One is Amazing Houston Comic Con, and the other is Space City Con: Houston, TX (which has changed its name to "Houston Con")

As you know, two conventions of a similar type probably won't last very long in the same city in the same month. People can't spend that kind of money twice.

So I've poked around and I've got a bit of information for you all.

Amazing Con
-Also has a convention in Vegas and Arizona
-Definitely has at least one top industry name, despite his issue with feet (Love ya Liefield!)
-And is brand new to the market of Houston

Houston Con
-Changed their name from Space City Con (quoted as reorganized)
-Went Bankrupt as Space City Con
-Has not managed space well in my experience

I am obviously biased at this point. I've been to SSC before, but I have not been to Amazing. I wasn't pleased with SSC when I attended, and yanno... it's not for everyone, but now I have to worry about the fact that people might go to SSC/HC and spend their time and hard earned money, and NOT attend Amazing which is later in the month, which could be a much better con and I feel really deserves a chance in the Houston market. If it fails hard because of SSC/HC I doubt they would come back.

Also, name changing after a bankruptcy just screams sneaky to me and I'm not a big fan of it. BUT, that said, I have information that the cause for having to close the doors was related to poor sales and some very serious electronics malfunctions. That definitely adds weight to the fact that it wasn't a shady deal going on.

So, please pass this around. Let your friends and possible attendees know, and I know many vendors/artists and friends of vendors/artists occasionally read what I type. I want people making an informed decision regardless of what it is.